Thursday 19 January 2012

Unlicensed Sharks Need to Get with the Groove

Nascent music streaming service Grooveshark has been shut down in Germany citing difficulties in obtaining a licence from composer/songwriter/music publisher licensing and administrative body, GEMA. Reports from suggest that, aside from the licensing difficulties, Grooveshark is also experiencing increasing pressures from the music majors. Record majors are piling Pelion on Grooveshark's Ossa alleging infringement, and in particular accusing Groovehark execs personally of mass unlawful uploads, In retaliation Grooveshark has issued subpoenas seeking the identities, and ISP addresses of anonymous comments posted online on Digital Music News. The comments were apparently made by a party claiming to be a Grooveshark employee and were to the effect that they had been encouraged to upload content without owners of artists' consents. Digital Music News says they will not comply with the subpoenas.
For some sober reflection: the view from Mt Pelion to Mt Ossa.

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