Thursday 17 January 2013

Harry Fox helps programme the Androids

The Harry Fox Agency, the US collection society, has said that it is working with Google Play to deliver rights management services for its digital music service for Google's Android devices and the web. HFA’s rights management service, Slingshot, will support Google Play as it taps into HFA’s "comprehensive rights database and publisher relationships to facilitate the licensing of music for use in its music locker and music store". HFA will also provide license administration and process royalty distributions to publishers. Google Play offers digital music, movies, books, magazines, apps and games for Android devices and on the web and with more than 1.3 million new Android devices activated each day around the world its a rapidly expanding market.

HFA collects and licences mechanical royalties and, pre-2002, also licensed synchronisation rights.  It does not administer the performance right, sampling rights or post 2002 the synchronisation rights - where users would need to contact BMI, ASCAP and/or SESAC.  HFA operates Slingshot as a stand alone 'one stop shop' for rights management telling potential customers that they can “obtain and manage all of your licenses, ensuring timely and accurate licensing and increased speed to market.”

Michael Simon, President and CEO of HFA.“HFA continues to forge relationships that join content creators and digital music distributors in win-win opportunities. We are thrilled that Google is developing new music publishing revenue streams and are delighted to streamline their content clearance process so that they can focus on providing their customers with the best service possible,”

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