Wednesday 16 September 2015

Beijing: now Moldova commits

By Beijing Notification No. 9 ("Beijing Treaty on Audiovisual Performances: Ratification by the Republic of Moldova") we learn that
The Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) presents his compliments to the Minister for Foreign Affairs and has the honor to notify the deposit by the Government of the Republic of Moldova, on September 4, 2015, of its instrument of ratification of the Beijing Treaty on Audiovisual Performances, adopted at Beijing on June 24, 2012.

The date of entry into force of the said Treaty will be notified when the required number of ratifications or accessions is reached in accordance with Article 26 of the said Treaty.
Including Moldova (which is listed by WIPO under "R" for "Republic") there are now nine ratifications or accessions. You can check the current list at any time by clicking here. Under Article 26 the Treaty doesn't come into force till three months after 30 "eligible parties" have committed themselves.

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