Friday 4 September 2015

CCIA releases white paper on US copyright reform

As 1709 Blog readers may be aware of, debate is currently being undertaken in the US regarding possible reforms in the area of copyright. Among other things, the House Judiciary Committee could see substantive copyright reform legislation introduced before the end of this year.

To participate in such a discussion, a few days ago the Computer and Communications Industry Association (CCIA) released a white paper on Copyright Reform for a Digital Economy along with webinar by author and CCIA Vice President Matt Schruers.

As reported in the relevant press released, according to Mr Schruers “Technological innovations have changed the U.S. economy by rapidly reducing the cost of content creation, distribution, and discovery. In an information economy, copyright reform is no longer a conversation about a few specific industries; it’s a conversation about how we regulate most of the nation’s industry — including many of our most successful export sectors. As policymakers consider reform measures, they will need to accommodate new technology and provide business certainty within the constraints of a complex existing copyright system and international obligations”.

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