Monday 1 June 2009

Latest EIPR

The June 2009 issue of Sweet & Maxwell's monthly European Intellectual Property Review (EIPR) leads with an opinion by New Zealand lawyer and scholar Paul Sumpter, "Copyright in slogans: another bald spot exposed", which subjects to critical analysis a September 2008 New Zealand High Court decision, Sunlec International Pty Ltd v Electropar Ltd, in which the words "Field Friendly--the best choice for field work" were held entitled to copyright protection as an original literary work. 

The same issue also contains a note by Christian Rütz on Re Software, a November 2008 decision of the Landgericht, Dusseldorf on the application of exhaustion of rights doctrine to the sale of copies of computer software.

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1 comment:

goldenrail said...

Why is this phrase not part of the companies trademark? Actually, why would the company want (c) protection rather than TM protection for the mark when the former has an end date (for now) and the later does not?