Friday 28 August 2009

From turntable to Roundtable: interested parties comment

Just in case you were running out of reading matter, the European Commission published last week all the contributions submitted by interested parties on the Online Commerce Roundtable Report on opportunities and barriers to online retailing.

The Report itself explained the outcome of the discussions at a series of Roundtable meetings in relation to online retailing of music, among other things. As to music, the members of the Roundtable liked the idea of adopting licensing solutions which, they felt, were better suited to the online environment. The Commission, having asked interested parties to submit their comments, with a particular focus on licensing solutions, has now received them from associations representing broadcasters, performers, media interests and consumers, as well as individual companies.

Life's to short for the 1709 Blog team to plough through all of these responses, but any reader who wishes to do so and create a neat summary to be posted on the weblog will be much blessed.

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