Thursday 20 August 2009

Less of Lessig? For a while, perhaps

The 1709 Blog notes that the leading luminary in the copyright blogosphere Larry Lessig is taking a sabbatical break from blogging. As usual, he gives a cogent and reasoned account for his decision to do so -- and, as usual, I feel that passionate desire welling up within me to take issue with it, whether I disagree with it or not, for the fun of the debate. And as usual, I don't.

Right: research on the blogging community has proved conclusively that extensive exposure to the blogosphere exposes you to fatigue, premature ageing and a tendency to suffer withdrawal symptoms. Here Darren, a 23-year old blogger, is shown taking a brief break while he downloads a dream ...

Importantly, Larry's sabbatical will give us a chance to reflect on his writings and chuckle at some of the comments posted in response to them. Have a good break, and come back invigorated.

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