Wednesday 21 July 2010

The future: does it exist for copyright?

Back on 7 July 2010, in the comfy environment of Hogan Lovells' London office, Professor Lionel Bently addressed the AIPPI UK on "The Future of Copyright Law". Starting with the controversial proposition that the title assumed that copyright did indeed have a future and asserting that the legitimacy of copyright was also a fit and proper subject for academic study, Lionel posed three visions to consider: (i) judicial deepening of harmonisation in the ECJ; (ii) further piecemeal legislation from the EU; and (iii) a European copyright code and unitary European copyright.

If you want to know what Lionel said, there's a helpful and well-drafted four-page summary here.

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Crosbie Fitch said...

(iv) Abolition, of course, being unthinkable.

The black swan of cultural liberation may be a nightmare for crown privileged publishing corporations and their lawyer footmen, but for the downtrodden mortals it cannot return from its migration too soon.