Thursday 22 July 2010

Rightslink gets an upgrade

It really is a busy time of year for online rights and licensing enthusiasts. Only yesterday we tasted the pineapple with Eric E. Johnson's konomark -- which got a bit of a thumbs-down from our readers -- and Creative Commons issues are never far from the surface of our consciousness, particularly now that we have the uncommonly creative Aurelia in our blogging team. Now it's the turn of the Copyright Clearance Center, which has announced the upgrade of its online licensing tool Rightslink: this lets content users obtain instant gratification in their quest for reprint and permission services by going directly to publishers’ websites. According to CCC,
"The new version of Rightslink includes new features that make it easier for publishers to provide their users with the ability to obtain reprints through their respective sites. Rightslink customer emails have also been upgraded to a new look and optimized functionality. In addition, Rightslink also allows users to obtain reprint permissions “on the go” via the iPad, Nook and other mobile devices that support JavaScript. With knowledge professionals consuming content on evolving digital formats and publications creatively exploring new business models that include the iPad and other mobile devices, Rightslink makes it possible for publishers to monetize content wherever it is displayed".
So now you know. If readers have any pensées on the issues arising, or on Rightslink itself, I hope they will share them with us.

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