Wednesday 23 May 2012

Creative for an afternoon? Here's the Workshop for it

With a suitably exotic Workshop venue,
it's easy to be creative for an afternoon ...
This blogger's friends at LexisNexis are being a little bit coy right now, if not downright mysterious. On Wednesday 11 July they are offering a half-day afternoon workshop, "IP In The Creative Industries", at a currently unspecified Central London location -- and, if the event's web page is anything to go by, they've not yet declared who the speakers are. While we don't yet know the venue or the cast [might this be the world's first generic workshop, with truly unbranded speakers?], there are two things that can safely be said about it.  The first is what its raison-d'être is:
"In an increasingly competitive market, companies and artists need to maintain an edge against their competitors. One of the optimal methods of gaining this edge is through effective use of IP rights. A shrewd marketing plan is needed to achieve the best outcome while reducing the risk of litigation for breaching regulations.

[This event offers a] perfect opportunity to ensure that you are up to date on the best methods for protecting creative output and preventing infringement of others intellectual property rights".
The second is that LexisNexis is offering a 10% discount against the registration fee for all readers of this weblog if they quote the magic code, " L11290/IPKAT".  The same discount is offered for a companion workshop, Design Rights", which occupies the first half of the same date, presumably at the same venue. You can inspect the "Design Rights" programme here.

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