Tuesday 1 May 2012

Latest EIPR

If you don't read the European Intellectual Property Review (EIPR), you may not have spotted how copyright-heavy the May 2012 issue is.  In it you will find, among other items,

  • "Too Much is Never Enough? The 2011 Copyright in Sound Recordings Extension Directive" by Benjamin Farrand;
  • "Droit de Suite: an Artistic Stroke of Genius? A Critical Exploration of the European Directive and its Resultant effects" by Jonathan Collins;
  • "Orphan Works and Other Orphan Material under National, Regional and International Law: Analysis, Proposals and Solutions" by Ellen Franziska Schulze;
  • "Optus v NRL: A Seismic Shift for Time Shifting in Australia" by Rebecca Giblin.

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Anonymous said...

£1219 for twelve issues (with free delivery)? Seriously?