Thursday 25 March 2010

Does Music Matter?

Music Matters “a collective of people across the music industry, including artists, retailers, songwriters, labels and managers” has formed “to remind listeners of the significance and value of music” and has launched a new trustmark to “act as a guide for music fans and help differentiate legal music services from illegal ones, Organisers have said “the Music Matters Certification Scheme is working with legal digital music services to ensure they carry the Music Matters trustmark. This will help audiences differentiate legal music sites from illegal sites”. Supporting sites include Vodafone, BT, MTV, we7, Spotify, ERA, Orange, Amazon, TuneTribe,, Sky Songs, MySpace and Napster. I do wonder if anyone checked the name out first – there are numerous ‘Music Matters’ that come up in a quick google search – The Hong Kong based Asia/Pacific music conference of the same name, the Chicago based classic concerts gig guide, a campaign aiming to raise awareness and address the need for additional funds for less-privileged schools and college programmes in the USA, a teaching programme, US music summer camps – and even an album by Faithless - to name but a few!

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