Friday 29 June 2012

The strange case of the wizard

Surrounded as we are by elves, sprites, pixies, goblins and toads (aka teenagers) I was a little surprised the other day when one of them addressed me personally asking if I too was a 'wizard'.  It took me some time to work out the connection until I watched the excellent new BBC4 series called 'The Strange Case of the Law' - which traces the history of the English common law. Its well worth a watch, and  in the UK is on Wednesday evenings at 9pm (why this teenager was watching is beyond me, surely Hollyoaks or Snog, Marry, Avoid was on somewhere?)  - and can still be found on the BBC iPlayer. Whether the TV rights travel as widely as the common law remains to be seen.

So - why the wizard reference - check out the presenter .... I can say no more.

iPlayer here 

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