Monday 31 December 2012

HADOPI: Where Things Stand

News has emerged of the results of France's so-called HADOPI law, the three-strikes law designed to fight peer-to-peer piracy and, more generally, illegal downloading.

According to a parliamentary reply made by the Minsiter of Justice, the fruits of the 2009 statutes (there are two) are as follows:

1,150,000 first warnings, 100,000 second warnings and 340 files in third stage with 14 having been forwarded to the local prosecutors.

Of the 14 cases being prosecuted at the local level:
 - 9 are still being investigated; 
- 1 is being scheduled for court;
- 1 has been filed without a trial; and
- 3 have given rise to definitive judgements, broken down as follows:

- 1 acquittal;
- 1 conviction (fine of €150); and
- 1 conviction (no sentence due to circumstances).

1 comment:

Amafundi said...

Although you post the data without comment, this looks like a resounding endorsement of the HADOPI legislation and a win for copyright. It seems to be a reasonable conclusion from these data that 90% of people receiving an initial warning change their behaviour and refrain from re-offending, and that a miniscule 0.03% of people who receive an initial warning persist in infringing behaviour.