Sunday 11 March 2012

Support for research project urgently needed

With your money, a music PhD
project can achieve success ...
Back in January, in ""Great fun, interesting, rewarding": funded copyright PhDs with Estelle" (here), the 1709 Blog reported on leading British academic Estelle Derclaye's good fortune in having secured two fully-funded collaborative PhD scholarships in the field of copyright. Each was fully-funded for three years by the University of Nottingham, with the music industry partner being required to contribute "a minimum of £3,000 in cash or in kind" over the course of the three years. One of the two PhD scholarships was
" ... with a prominent music company on parody and non-commercial use generally and specifically applied to music. It will review French, Canadian, Australian and UK law".
Sadly, the 1709 Blog learns as follows from Estelle:
" ... due to circumstances beyond his control, it is now impossible for the partner in the music industry ... to take part in the project. I thus need a new partner (as the university is happy to maintain the funding even if I change partner). Unless I find a partner by 2 April, I will lose the funding. Excellent students have been shortlisted and the interviews are taking place soon. If you know someone preferably in the music sector (collecting society, music company, NGO, etc) which may be interested, can you give me their contact details?".
Better still, if you can help, email Estelle as soon as possible here. There isn't a minute to lose!

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