Thursday 16 July 2015

Thai statute amendment now available online

According to WIPO Lex News, another piece of Thai legislation had been added to the organisation's online database:
The Copyright Act (No. 3) B.E. 2558 (A.D. 2015) was approved by the National Legislative Assembly, signed into law by the King and published in the Royal Gazette on February 5, 2015. It came into force on April 6, 2015 [though the WIPO web page gives the date of coming into force as 4 August 2015].

The Act amends the Copyright Act B.E. 2537 (1994), introducing the prohibition of, and penalties for, recording movies in movie theaters, and exemptions from copyright infringement for disabled people.
WIPO's collection of Thailand's intellectual property law texts can be found here

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