Friday, 16 December 2011

Less admin, more cash? Viscopy hands operations to CAL

The 1709 Blog has learned from its Australian friend John Walker that Viscopy (the Australian sister to the UK's Design and Artists Collection Society ) is effectively ceasing to operate as an organisation in its own right: its management functions are to be taken over by Copyright Agency Limited -- a body which was appointed by the Commonwealth Attorney General and the Copyright Tribunal to manage various statutory licences. According to a statement released by Viscopy:
"We are contacting you to let you know that Viscopy and Copyright Agency have entered into a services agreement whereby Copyright Agency will provide all services to Viscopy’s members and licensees. Viscopy will retain its board and its membership.

We anticipate the agreement will result in additional income to artists through reduction of administrative fees and expanded licensing services, and simplify the licensing processes for text and images.

The agreement is anticipated to take effect by mid 2012 subject to regulatory approval, and will be reviewed by both organisations in three years. ...."

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